Fostering Personal Spiritual Growth


Personal spiritual growth is the sine qua non of continuing education for ministers of the gospel. Unless we continue to grow in faith through the means of grace, we are in danger of becoming resounding gongs and clanging cymbals, no matter how much we may be growing in professional skill in the ministry. While much spiritual growth can and does take place as we handle the means of grace in the midst of ministry tasks (sermons, Bible studies, catechism classes, etc.), the danger is great that in the hectic schedule of ministry we fail to apply such other-directed study first to our own hearts and lives. We can get so focused on offering the water of life to others that we don’t even notice how thirsty we have become.

One of the best tools for being fed ourselves by the gospel, is developing or strengthening a pattern of personal devotional study of the Word. Such personal devotional time in the Word has the single focused purpose of seeking God’s gracious face (Psalm 27:8) for our own growth in faith. The tools below seek to offer ideas and resources to assist you in planning and implementing your growth through personal study of the Word.